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Parasite Control

Flea & tick prevention is a constant effort for the clients of the South Granville Animal Hospital, serving Creedmoor, NC, and the surrounding area. Your veterinarian recommends that pets be regularly checked for these parasites because of the risk of diseases that they can transmit. Not only are fleas and ticks dangerous to animals as a disease-transmission vector; they are also dangerous to humans. Certain diseases, such as Lyme disease are passed by tick bites. Your pet can pick up a tick in the woods, or by running in tall grass, and bring it back into your home. It can jump on you and transmit Lyme disease by biting you.


The Dangers of Lyme Disease

Healthline reports that about 20% of people who contract Lyme disease may suffer from long-lasting, chronic symptoms. The symptoms of Lyme disease include:

  • Arthritis and pain in the joints.
  • Mental problems.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Sleep-pattern disturbances.

Even after receiving treatment with antibiotics, the symptoms of this disease may persist, sometimes for years. This condition is called post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS). It is more common and more dangerous than most people realize. 

One of the main concerns with Lyme disease is that the symptoms are slow to develop. By the time a person becomes aware of them, the damage may already be severe. It is really difficult to get rid of this disease. The long-term use of antibiotics is not recommended because of the severe side effects, the chance of increasing the risks of antibiotic resistance to other types of infections, and even the possibility of fatal complications. 

Prevention is the Key

Fleas and ticks can be prevented with newer methods that are more effective than treatments that your veterinarian used to have available. Medications exist that allow your pets to have protection for one to three months by taking one tablet. Heartworm is another parasite to regularly test for, to prevent it. This is done by having the vet draw some blood to send it to the laboratory to screen for this parasite. Prevention of these problems is something every pet owner should take seriously and not leave to chance.

Bring your pet in for a regular checkup and get the advice needed about these new medications to make sure you keep your pets free from parasites. These broad-spectrum medications are very effective and prevent fleas, ticks, as well as other parasites from harming your pets.

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