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Senior Pet Care

When your pet gets older you have a very special bond, and you may be concerned as you see your pet slowing down some. Senior pets do have different needs as they get older, and there are things you and your veterinarian can do to make their last years as pleasant as possible. At South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor NC, we recommend a geriatric exam for your pet when they get to a certain age. That age is different depending on the breed of dog or cat, so it is something you will have to judge based on observation. 


Helping Geriatric Pets

Here are some things you can do to help your senior pet. 

  • Don't assume just because they slow down that they do not want to be active. Senior pets still have the same desire to go outside and have fun as they always did.
  • They still may not be as active, so watch their diet so they do not get overweight. Keeping dogs at their proper weight will help with many other health issues.
  • Pay attention to their teeth, as they can start to have cavities and wear down with age. Keeping them clean is important, and at times some need to be removed.
  • Having regular checkups is even more important for older dogs and cats. 

What Can A Veterinarian Help With?

Your veterinarian at South Granville Animal Hospital can have a big impact on the health of your senior pet. We understand their special needs as they reach the geriatric stage.

  • Arthritis is a major issue for senior animals. Movement can become painful and make them less active. Pain management may be in order, and that could affect the activities they get involved in. If your pet is having trouble getting up and moving, a good exam is in order.
  • Old Dog Vestibular Disease is also an issue that is still a little mysterious. It causes dogs to become disoriented and affects their balance to a great degree. If your dog starts falling you might think he is having a seizure or a stroke, but it might be a vestibular disease. Your veterinarian can help you learn to spot the symptoms and help relieve the symptoms.
  • Your veterinarian can also advise you on things to look for with your particular breed of dog.

Call South Granville Animal Hospital!

At South Granville Animal Hospital, we care about your senior pet and want to give them all the care we can in their older years. Older pets have special needs and the more you know the better care you can give. Come see us and start with a geriatric exam so we can help you take care of your pet in their old age.

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  • "They have taken excellent care of our Beagle, Lucy since she was a puppy. Lucy will be 12 years old March 6, 2016. Receptionist, Doctors and Staff are always professional and caring."
    Kim C. / Creedmoor, NC

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