Preventative Pet Care

Why Your Pet Needs a Preventative Care Plan

Your pet is a member of your family, so you try to provide the best care possible to keep your pet happy and healthy. However, many pet owners don't think about the importance of preventative medical care and year-round attention to health. An annual veterinary exam at South Granville Animal Hospital and other appropriate preventative wellness services can help your pet live longer and remain healthier.

Preventative Pet Care-Ensuring Your Pets Live a Long, Healthy Life

Catching Problems Before They Start

Veterinary exams are an essential aspect of pet wellness. Our compassionate veterinarians will look for any changes or problems that might not be immediately obvious, including dental problems and issues with your pet's ears or eyes. Our veterinarian will also check for any changes in your pet's weight or vital signs, which can help catch serious illnesses early and may give your pet a better prognosis. For senior pets, the veterinary exam is also a good time to check for arthritis or other painful changes and discuss comfort care and pain management to help them live longer happier lives.

Annual exams are also a great time for you to talk about routine wellness care and daily management strategies. Most people aren't thinking of those issues during a more urgent visit, so a planned preventative care exam gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have about nutrition, weight management, exercise, and any other pet healthcare concern you've been wondering about. Our staff treats every concern with compassion, and we can assist your pet no matter their condition.

Year-Round Attention

A comprehensive preventative care plan helps you avoid pet health problems from arising in the first place. Our veterinarians will work with you to develop a vaccination schedule that meets your pet's needs. We will also provide your pet with flea, tick, and heartworm prevention to help them avoid insect-borne illnesses. These preventative wellness services help keep your pet safe and healthy and help you avoid costly and sometimes difficult treatments.

If your pet has unique seasonal challenges, we can work with you to manage those. Some dogs and cats develop seasonal allergies, while others struggle with the heat or the cold. While these problems may not be life-threatening, they can make your pet very uncomfortable. Our compassionate approach to pet healthcare considers all of these issues to help your pet live a happier, healthier life.

Pet Healthcare in Creedmoor, NC

When you and your pet visit us at South Granville Animal Hospital, you don't have to worry about a thing. Our veterinarians approach all situations with compassion and strive to provide the highest quality care no matter the situation. For more information on veterinary exams or to schedule an appointment, call us at .

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  • "They have taken excellent care of our Beagle, Lucy since she was a puppy. Lucy will be 12 years old March 6, 2016. Receptionist, Doctors and Staff are always professional and caring."
    Kim C. / Creedmoor, NC

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