Preventative Pet Care

Every good veterinarian knows that your pet is a member of the family. That's why at South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor, we're dedicated to providing the best possible pet care for your animal companions. We offer a wide range of services to keep your pet healthy and happy, from routine check-ups and vaccinations to more specialized treatment options.

Preventative Pet Care-Ensuring Your Pets Live a Long, Healthy Life

Preventative Veterinary Care Catches Problems Early

At South Granville Animal Hospital, we recommend that all of our patients come in for annual wellness exams. These comprehensive exams allow us to catch any potential problems early before they become serious health concerns. Wellness check-ups can spot symptoms before they worsen.

During your pet’s healthcare exam, we will check your pet's weight and vital signs, evaluate their diet and nutrition, and screen for common diseases and conditions. We will also look for changes and problems that may not be as obvious to you, such as signs of arthritis.

Preventative Vet Care Helps You Address Your Concerns

The annual wellness exams are also a great time to bring up any concerns you have about your pet's health or behavior. Our experienced team can offer advice and recommendations on everything from flea and tick prevention to diet and exercise. We can offer guidance on everything from weight loss to pet allergies. A wellness plan or preventative care plan ensures that your pet has year-round attention to help your furry friend throughout its life.

Preventing Problems from Becoming Life-Threatening

In some cases, preventative vet care can even save your pet's life. With regular check-ups and screenings, we can often detect potentially life-threatening conditions early, when they're still treatable. For example, we may find a tumor during a routine exam that can be successfully removed before it spreads. We may also identify an infection that, if left untreated, could lead to organ damage or even death.

Preventative Pet Care Is an Important Part of Your Pet's Health

Everybody wants their pet to live longer and wellness services can help your pet do that. Pet healthcare and annual wellness exams are the keys to ensuring your pet avoids pain and stays healthy. Call South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor today at (919) 528-3591 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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  • "They have taken excellent care of our Beagle, Lucy since she was a puppy. Lucy will be 12 years old March 6, 2016. Receptionist, Doctors and Staff are always professional and caring."
    Kim C. / Creedmoor, NC

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