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Pet Arthritis

As pets get older, they often develop arthritis in their joints. Many pets are middle-aged or seniors with arthritis and the pain it brings. If you believe your pet might have this condition, they must be treated for it. 

pet arthritis

There are several ways to treat this condition so your pets have a quality life. All pets with arthritis need to be monitored to know when it worsens. They also need an annual health exam. When you need to make a health exam appointment with our veterinarian, call South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor, NC.

Arthritis Basics

Arthritis is a highly common condition that can strike both cats and dogs. It usually starts when the pet becomes middle-aged. Another name for it is degenerative joint disease. This condition sets in when there is instability in a joint. When the joint is unstable, the bones will move abnormally. The movement of the bones starts to wear away the cartilage that cushions the joint. This cartilage is a safeguard so the bones won't rub together. When this tissue erodes, the bones will contact each other. This contact causes arthritic pain and inflammation. It can erode your pet's quality of life over time. It's important to have pets on good nutrition and to have them examined yearly. They may need treatments for their arthritis, such as pain medications.

Symptoms of Pet Arthritis

Many symptoms can signify pet arthritis. It's important to watch out for these symptoms so you know when your pets need treatment. Cats and dogs may have different symptoms when they get arthritis. Both can develop a limp because of the condition. It makes it harder for them to walk and move otherwise. They may run less than before. They may spend more time lying down. Cats can start to have a hard time with jumping and climbing. Dogs might start having trouble going up and down stairs, getting into a car, and getting up on the furniture. Sometimes, a cat will stop using their litter box and go outside because it can't get inside. Cats also tend to groom the painful area to excess. Dogs may pant a lot when they feel the pain of arthritis. Take your pet to the veterinarian when you see any of these symptoms.

See Our Veterinarian

From recommending the best pet nutrition to discussing pain medications and physical therapy, the veterinarian can help with the condition. Call South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor, NC, today at (919) 528-3591

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