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Dogs and cats require pet dental care assistance on a routine basis to remain in the best of health. If your pet needs a teeth cleaning session, or if they are suffering from a dental problem, contact South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Read on to learn why teeth cleaning is important for pets, how to do it at home, and how a trip to our animal hospital can help. 


Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

A pet that does not receive pet dental care regularly will likely suffer from discomfort in the mouth as a result. It is important to remove debris from the teeth regularly. Failing to remove debris causes it to adhere to the teeth. This will eventually push its way underneath the gums of the pet. When this happens, bone loss can eventually occur. This causes a pet to lose their teeth. 

How To Clean Your Pet's Teeth

Visit a local pet supply store and purchase a pet toothbrush and meat-flavored paste. Place some paste on the brush and use the brush to remove debris from the teeth. Your pet may not like the procedure at first, but if they like the taste of the paste, eventually they will allow you to conduct the procedure. Inspect your pet's mouth routinely to look for broken teeth or inflammation of the gums. You may notice your pet does not eat if it is currently experiencing pain in the mouth. An emergency appointment will be necessary so our veterinarian can inspect your pet's mouth as needed. In addition to brushing your pet's teeth, consider giving them tartar control treats. These help in the removal of harmful tartar from the teeth so further conditions are less likely to occur.

What Our Veterinarian Can Do To Help

If your pet is suffering from a dental issue, our veterinarian can prescribe medication to treat it if necessary. Our practice also provides tooth-pulling services if a tooth is causing extreme pain for your pet. In addition, our vet is available to assist with teeth cleaning sessions. These are usually done after routine examinations. Our vet will scale away any debris from the surfaces of the teeth and will conduct a full inspection of their condition. They will then make recommendations on treatment if a problem is noticed.

If it is time for your pet to receive pet dental help from our veterinarian, or if your dog or cat is suffering from an oral hygiene probably, give South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor a call to make an appointment. Our animal hospital serves the Creedmoor and surrounding areas and can be reached by calling 919-528-3591.

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