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Importance of Pet Wellness Exams with Our Veterinarian

Pet wellness exams are critical to your pet’s health. Learn more about these exams and why they are essential at South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor, NC. With a pet wellness exam, we check for several conditions and the general wellness of your animal. We do a head-to-tail examination for accuracy and efficiency. 

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How Often Does My Pet Need a Wellness Exam?

Pet wellness exams are much like human wellness exams in frequency. Like a human baby, a puppy or kitten will need more wellness exams in their first year, often monthly, as their pet vaccinations are required. When your pet turns one, that will change to a yearly exam. Once your pet reaches middle-aged or senior status, it’ll need an annual wellness exam.

What Happens during a Pet Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam is a comprehensive look at your pet’s overall health. Your vet will check everything from one end of your pet to another, ensuring everything works properly. This examination includes the following:

    • Checking your pet’s height, weight, and temperature
    • Feeling for muscular issues
    • Checking the ears for anything abnormal
    • Taking a look at pet dental health
    • Observing their skin and coat for signs of issues
    • Checking for parasites

If your veterinarian feels this is necessary, blood tests and more might be ordered. Additionally, if your pet is due for pet vaccinations, they’ll be given or scheduled at their wellness appointments.

After this thorough examination, your veterinarian will know where your pet stands in the health and wellness departments. And from there, they can discuss any concerns.

For example, if they feel your pet is overweight, they can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to help. Or if they think additional pet dental care is needed, they’ll discuss it now.

You’ll also get specific pet care recommendations for your pet’s age, as needs can change as your pet grows. Of course, you are also welcome to ask any pet care questions, as your vet is happy to help you be the best pet parent possible.

Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam with Our Veterinarian

Call South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor, NC, at (919) 528-3591 to schedule your appointment today. We would be happy to assist you with any concerns about your pet. Our team will care for them as if it's their family member.

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