Pet Surgery

What To Expect with Pet Surgery

On occasion, pet owners may find themselves facing the prospect of pet surgery. From broken bones and muscle issues to disease treatment, there are various reasons for pet surgery. At South Granville Animal Hospital in Creedmoor, our caring veterinarian and her staff only perform pet surgery when it is the best option to treat your pet. We do everything we can to lower the amount of stress it can bring to both the pet owner and the patient. The good news is that most pets who undergo surgery end up experiencing a better quality of life after they are healed.

Getting Ready for Pet Surgery


Our veterinarian will have specific recommendations for you and your pet based on what kind of surgery your pet is receiving and how extensive it is. Your pet may need to stop eating at a certain time the day before or it may need to take certain medications. It is important to adhere to all of the information you are given, even if it seems undesirable for your pet. Doing so will help ensure that the surgery goes well and that your pet is on the right track with the recovery afterward.

Prepare Your Pet for a Potential Overnight Stay

Although it is not required in all cases, many pets may need to stay overnight at the animal hospital for monitoring following their surgery. In this case, ask if you can see your pet following the surgery to help make it comfortable. You may or may not be able to see your pet depending on the specifics of the surgery, but it is a good idea to ask anyway.

You may also be able to give your pet a toy to keep overnight that smells like home and will bring them comfort. Likewise, if your pet is going home after the surgery, be prepared to take it easy and follow all of the aftercare instructions given to you by our veterinarian.

The Follow-up Exam

Even if your pet seems to be doing wonderfully after the surgery, it is still vital to bring him in for his follow-up pet exam (or exams, depending on the situation). These pet exams with our vet can spot any potential issues and will keep your pet on the right track to a full recovery.

Schedule Your Pet Surgery in Creedmoor, NC

Do not be afraid to ask questions throughout the process. The more informed you are, the better you will be able to care for your pet before and after surgery. At South Granville Animal Hospital, we want pet owners to have all of the information they need to properly care for their pets. If your pet needs surgery or just a simple checkup, call our veterinarian today at (919) 528-3591 to schedule an appointment.

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  • "They have taken excellent care of our Beagle, Lucy since she was a puppy. Lucy will be 12 years old March 6, 2016. Receptionist, Doctors and Staff are always professional and caring."
    Kim C. / Creedmoor, NC

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